Gratis Desktop virtualisatie met 2X en VMware !! 

Desktop Virtualization with 2X ThinClientServer and VMware

Desktop virtualization takes the headache out of desktop administration by increasing security, redundancy and scalability. With 2X ThinClientServer and VMware server you can run your desktops virtually on central servers, and use the client machines to connect to the virtual machines. Stream your company’s desktops and applications just like a video!

Benefits of Virtual Desktop computing with 2X ThinClientServer and VMware

  • Maintain and secure Windows desktops and builds and all connected hardware devices from one central location
  • Improve support by shadowing sessions and watching the user’s actions
  • Easy addition, recovery and replacement of virtual desktops
  • Centralize control by allowing you to remotely shutdown or restart all devices
  • Reduce costs by converting old PCs to thinclients with the latest XP or Vista
  • No Terminal Services CALs required – re-use existing Windows XP license.

What do I need to achieve this?

1. 2X ThinClientServer PXES edition – Cost: Free
2. VMware Server  – Cost: Free
3. An OS, either Linux/Windows – Cost: Free (If re-using same license)

Download 2X ThinClientServer PXES edition.

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