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Sardu boot cd

Handige tool om je eigen boot cd’s samen te stellen. Er is een combinatie van Windows en Linux mogelijk. Directe downloads voor gebruik met Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility

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PortableApps Downloaden

Waar kun je portable software vinden ?

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jQuery Slider

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CloneSYS – Linux cloning tool Clone & Backup your Linux system ! Background clonesys is a Shell script that can be used to get an image of running Linux boxes. The image can then be burned on CD/DVD. This CD/DVD is bootable and can

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Nagios on Steroids Requirements Apache 1.3.x or Apache 2.x PHP 5 with SQL-Lite or PDO_SQLite (whatever the PHP configuration is) sudo (if you plan to use nmap through EZNag) net-snmp (if you plan to use NagTrap) MRTG (if you plan to graph

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De nieuwe look voor Ubuntu 10.04

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Internet snelheid testen

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