Weer zo’n leuke backup oplossing

I use Vortexbox. It has rsync configured by default. You can install rsync server on Windows to.

In FreeNAS go to Services > rsync > Setup rsync client and set a schedule. Done.

Here is how I did it.

Picked up a old HP dc7600 SFF from the basement at work. It has room for two SATA disks and a DVD player.

Burn FreeNAS to CD, put a USB stick in the computer and boot from the FreeNAS CD. Note the ip adress on the screen. If you don’t have a screen look in your router for the ip adress.

Surf to that ip from another computer. Log on with user admin, password freenas.

Follow this guide to setup JBOD. http://freenas.org/documentation:set…:software_raid

Go to Services > Rsync > Rsync client.
Set the Vortexbox ip address.
User “root”.
Module “files”.

If you don’t use Vortexbox use your own settings.

Set a schedule. That’s it. No single command was typed.

My schedule.

Vortexbox shutsdown 01:00 if no player have been used after 23:00. It boots up again at 06:00. Runs Clear and rescan at 06:30.

Freenas boots up every Sunday morning at 07:00 and runs the backup at 07:30 and shutsdown 6 hours later.

To restore use FreeNAS as rsync server and Vortexbox (or your Windows box) as rsync client. http://vortexbox.org/documentation/b…x-using-rsync/

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